Sustainability Mindset Indicator Certification


The Certification is for graduates of the SMP Action Lab and teaches the use of the SMI and the information from the instructor reports.

This is a 4-hour online Course, which covers

Part 1-

Self-directed learning (1 hour)  

  • Experience the SMI and receive your Personalized Report
  • Online Tutorial on how to set it up for your students

Part 2-

Facilitated Session (3 hours)

  • Introduction to the components of the SMI Instructor’s Report and in-depth analysis of its different applications
  • Exploration of the exercises in the SMI Resource Workbook
  • Interactive session to adapt the material to the instructors’ course/discipline/workshop

Reserve your space for the upcoming session:

December 16, 2022. 7 30 – 10 30 (GMT-5)

January 19, 2023. 7 30 – 10 30 (GMT-5)

March 30, 2023. 8 am – 11 am (GMT-5)

June 29, 2023. 8 am – 11 am (GMT-5)

November 30, 2023. 8 am – 11 am (GMT-5)

Registration: US$ 80.-*

*Includes access to SMI with Personalized Report

Required material: The SMI Resource Workbook

Available for Educators or Coaches, in print or eBook!

Please order so you have it for the workshop!

For more information, please contact

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