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What is your Group’s Mindset?

The Collective Sustainability Mindset

The dire challenges of our time are no longer in question. They call for resiliency, adaptation, creative innovation and much more. But at the foundation of all our ideas and behaviors lays a mindset out of which we operate. It is our “operating system”.

How well do you know your own operating system?

The key role of the mindset has been recognized as

  • An obstacle to address: unless we recognize and change our mindset, nothing will change 
  • An opportunity: the answer for shaping a better world is in our mindset

While the mindset is individual, it is also connected to the groups with which we interact. In a group, there are different strengths, which many times are a hidden resource.

What is your team’s mindset?

Explore and develop your team’s mindset in these 4 steps.

Step 1: The Individual Picture

You take the Sustainability Mindset Indicator (SMI) and receive your Personalized Report. This 32-page report gives you detailed information about the relevance of different aspects of the mindset, your personal strengths, and areas of development, as well as suggestions and questions to ponder.

Step 2: The Group Picture

After your team has taken their individual SMIs, everyone receives an additional report about the group’s profile on the Sustainability Mindset. This report will offer graphs and information of the group as an aggregate, maintaining the anonymity of the input data. It will rank the highest scoring aspects, and map the group’s patterns in the behavioral, cognitive, and affective dimensions for each of the twelve principles of the Sustainability Mindset (SM).

Step 3: The Creative Session

The group participates in a 3-hour facilitated workshop, in which the members share insights about what they discovered in the Group Report, identify which aspects are relevant for the group, connect individual strengths with areas that need improvement, and form small action-teams to plan creatively how to increase their collective Sustainability Mindset.

Step 4: Track your progress

The group tracks their progress after 6 or 12 months, to compare the collective scores.

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