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Coaching for Sustainability.

OCTOBER 18, 2020:

eleven international coaching associations and federations signed a Joint Statement on climate and ecodiversity crises, recognizing that this requires “collective action and collaboration at local and global levels”, and that “coaching can help”.

Indeed, as they note, “coaches have a significant role to play in fostering new ways of being in service to a healthy human society and a healthy planet.”

Are you wondering how you will support clients , in this new, significant role coaches have to play?

Trainings for Coaches

The Sustainability Mindset for Coaches

This online program is designed for coaches, facilitators, and talent development professionals to equit them with the tools and frameworks to help clients explore their unsustainable thinking patterns; find alternative perspectives to address the complex challenges of the 21st century; and unleash creative solutions. It is an interactive personal development seminar that gives participants the opportunity to explore and expand their own mindset. The program is based on the Twelve Sustainability Mindset Principles developed by Dr. Rimanoczy.

The Collective Sustainability Mindset

This program targets the exploxation and development of yours teams' mindset. Using the aggregate team report of the Sustainability Mindset Indicator, the team explores their collective behavioral, cognitive and affective dimensions of their Sustainability Mindset and develops joint objectives for development and growth.