Frequently Asked Questions: SMI Use

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For Instructors, Coaches and other Users

There are two ways to create your profile

Follow the link at SMI and request your username. You will need the email address with which you registered.

Follow the link at SMI and request your password. You will need your username.

A regular project is one where participants can take the SMI once. They will receive their individual report upon completion, and you will receive a one-time aggregate report. It uses one link for all users.

A research project allows you to compare pre-post results of the SMI. The participants use the same individual link twice. You can choose when the first and the second “take” are, as well as if the participants receive their individual report after the first or the second “take”. You will receive an aggregate report after the first “take”, as well as for the second one, which also includes graphs and data regarding changes.

Look up the respective project and download the Excel table with the individual participant links. This way you can send them to the participant that did not receive it. We apologize for the inconvenience!

For Participants/Users of the SMI

1. Please try a different browser.
2. Please try using a different machine or electronic device.
3. Please try using a different WiFi or Mobile Hotspot.
4. Try to complete the SMI an hour later.
5. Check the task manager of your machine to see if something else is running on your computer that takes up a lot of CPU. To do so, you can either press Ctr + Shift + Esc all together, or by pressing and holding Ctrl + Alt + Del and then choosing “Task Manager”. You will see a screen similar to the one shown below. If you see an App taking up a lot of % of your CPU, please close it and then proceed with the SMI.