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Assessing the readiness for shaping a better planet.
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The Sustainability Mindset Indicator.

Our Mission.

We are here to promote the mindset transformation that leads to initiatives for shaping the better world.
We aim to develop ‘change accelerators’ who can multiply the impact on a greater scale.  

What is the

Sustainability Mindset?

The Sustainability Mindset is a way of thinking and being which results from a broad understanding of the ecosystem, social sensitivity, and an introspective focus on personal values and the higher self.

The dire challenges of our time are no longer in question. They call for resiliency, adaptation, creative innovation and much more. The foundation of all our ideas and behaviors lays in a mindset out of which we operate.

What is the

Sustainability Mindset Indicator?

The Sustainability Mindset Indicator (SMI)  is the first instrument to map and profile where an individual is on their journey towards a Sustainability Mindset. It is a questionnaire consisting of 36 contrasting statements, exploring three dimensions of our mindset for sustainability: the cognitive, the behavioral and the affective.

The SMI provides participants with personalized reports that highlight their unique skills and opportunities to shape a better world. It includes questions for reflection to expand awareness and to leverage personal resources.

Our Trainings.

Joining the SMI community provides you with resources,  networking opportunties and multidisciplinary applications.
Our trainings include:

For Educators

Learn how to embed the Sustainability Mindset Principles into your teaching. In this online, hands-on Workshop participants alternate learning, trying out, exchanging and debriefing.

For Coaches

Workshop for coaches, facilitators, and talent development professionals to equip them with the tools and frameworks for more specific interventions, supporting your clients to manage the new sustainability challenges they face, and identify opportunities.

For Teams

While the mindset is individual, it is also connected to the groups with which we interact. In a group, there are different strengths, which many times are a hidden resource. Explore and develop your team’s collective sustainability mindset.

For Individuals

Explore the SMI and discover your unique strengths and the opportunities for creating a more sustainable world.

Our Awards.

Reimagine Education Awards, known as “the Oscars of education” are organized by Wharton School, and QS, the Higher Education network (UK) to reward innovative approaches that enhance student learning outcomes and employability.

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"The Sustainability Mindset Indicator is a great contribution towards developing an urgently needed sustainability mindset. It supports individuals, teams and organizations alike in identifying areas for development..."
Klemens Höppner
Management Director, Mindful Finance Institute, Germany
"The SMI has been transformational to my teaching and learning practices and fits perfectly with the University of Winchester’s focus on embedding education for sustainable development into the formal and informal curriculum...!"
Karen Cripps
Business Lecturer and PRME champion, Oxford Brookes Business School, UK
"The Personalized Report that we received confirms that SMI is a potentially
"inspiring", " exciting", "stimulating"
tool for our CEMS Global Citizenship Seminar participants."
Alfred Vernis Domenech
Department of Strategy and General Management, ESADE Spain

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