The SMI is the first instrument to map and profile where an individual is on their journey towards a Sustainability Mindset, developed by Rimanoczy and Klingenberg.

The SMI is a questionnaire consisting of 36 contrasting statements, exploring three dimensions of our mindset for sustainability: the cognitive, the behavioral and the affective. The SMI is designed as a tool for personal development.

Based on the groundbreaking research of Dr. Rimanoczy and the conceptual framework of the 12 Sustainability Mindset Principles, the instrument provides students and leaders personalized reports that highlight their unique skills and opportunities to shape a better world. It also provides questions for reflection to expand awareness and leverage the personal resources.

Educators and coaches will find in the SMI a valuable guide to support their students and coaches in their development, with resources, networks to connect and multidisciplinary applications possibilities.

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Our Testimonials

"The Sustainability Mindset Indicator is a great contribution towards developing an urgently needed sustainability mindset. It supports individuals, teams and organizations alike in identifying areas for development..."
Klemens Höppner
Management Director, Mindful Finance Institute, Germany
"The SMI has been transformational to my teaching and learning practices and fits perfectly with the University of Winchester’s focus on embedding education for sustainable development into the formal and informal curriculum...!"
Karen Cripps
Business Lecturer and PRME champion University of Winchester, UK
"The Personalized Report that we received confirms that SMI is a potentially
" exciting"
tool for our CEMS Global Citizenship Seminar participants."
Alfred Vernis Domenech
Department of Strategy and General Management, ESADE Spain

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