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Message from Isabel

“Dear enthusiastic explorers of the sustainability mindset,

I was thrilled to listen to this new interview, where journalist Krista Tippett interviews Christiana Figueres, who you may know because she was the architect of the Paris Agreement in 2015, and was key in having 193 countries sign up for climate action.

Well, as you will hear in this podcast , she spent the first half hour talking about how key the mindset is, how we need to change our mindset etc etc.

She discusses the important role of emotions to lead us to new behaviors, and the spiritual evolution we are invited to, when we focus on ecology.

Since we are pioneers in focusing on the SM , I always love it when someone that is publicly recognized and respected reaches some of the perspectives we have been exploring for over 17 years now. This helps to accelerate change!!!

Share it with your networks to feed your own credibility!

Warm regards, Isabel”